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Parallel Society

Imagine living in a society that is completely congruent with your style of thinking. Currently our globe is significantly divided on big topics, and rather than the menticide, bullying, mandating, and gaslighting that is going on to push an agenda, take some moments to dream of what it may look like to live amongst your tribe. Would you gather and seek truth-seekers? Would you find people with interests like your own? Would you demand an inclusive, embracing, and accepting bunch of diverse people that would help raise you up and support your endeavors and create work and community relationships that allow and open-looped exchange of information and styles of living?

Who is to say that cannot happen right now? I, personally, have been self-talking for these past two or more years to really wonder why such a disconnect is happening between groups right now. Since I've been in health care my whole career, obviously, a pandemic hits me most as I try to work in the field and do my best to advise patients. It certainly hits me socially and at home, as it does the rest of you. Did the pandemic cause this divide? Or is the handling of the pandemic a symptom of where society is heading right now? Certainly, technology with global communication has its hand in the messaging and "branding" of this pandemic. I certainly now wonder, though, if these divisive opinions and strategies were under the surface and slow-boiling and only "a matter of time." So, do we have to be victims of the current society, or can we build one consistent with our values, codes of conduct, with technology that is also anyone's to use? Technology can also be used reasonably and for positive messaging.

I firmly believe that there will need to come a time where these groups come together, but in the interim, to protect the shamed, victimized, unvaccinated, unemployed, bullied, chastised, and excluded fellow mankind, another society needs to emerge and exist in a harmonic cocoon. This assembly is what I foresee needs to happen, or else our children will have been taught terrible lessons in life. Those lessons would teach them that helplessness is the norm. Those lessons would also teach them to never speak up, and do not ask questions of those things that aren't making sense. Those lessons would also teach them that individual opinions are not acceptable and that whatever is mandated is what you must "pay to play." Many youngsters are watching intently and may completely avoid any careers that are particularly affected by maintaining a drone status. And as a society, some of those jobs (i.e., healthcare, military, teaching) will have large vacancies and possibly collapse in the future generations.

We are just starting to see the assembly of groups that mostly are focusing on rights and work-related topics to preserve the ability to work (at all and to be employed) under good conditions. What I propose is that in your own realm, it is time to frame your life, friends, habits, community, and work environment to that which you want. What will that look like for you? This national and state upheaval is unprecedented and may have been a blessing in disguise. Many folks such as I are assessing those core values and designing a future template to live by. This is THE parallel society I am talking about. You/me/we can do this now. For the retired people, they may envision community groups that allow gathering and volunteering. They may enjoy sharing their wisdom to younger generations, or even living with their families to foster purpose and meaning to wake up every day. We all could start enjoying those hobbies that balance us out. There is no entity that can "rain on your parade" or stop you from seeking enjoyment. Maybe it is also time to assess where information comes from and who is sharing it. Perhaps it is time to support local and individual podcasts, programming, and books from truth-seekers and those thought leaders who have been vetted by your family and friends.

For those working folks who have been fired, chastised, ridiculed, or coerced into behaviors that kept them employed, perhaps this "Great Resignation" is the time in history where small businesses and private practices will go back to the era where everyone supported "local." "Local" truly created a certain vibe or feel in each town. If our youngsters can use their video game "SimCity" to build a utopia, so can all of us. If you had a college degree that you never used, now may be the time to use it. If you are an artisan and never got to share your art, this certainly is the time to showcase your talents, which may also support you and create your life's fulfillment. If the cost of "paying to play" is too high for you, know that many people have had more than one career, and there is more out in the workforce than you've discovered. If it is time to go into private practice or a new small business, collect like-minded souls. They are looking for you.

Our mentality and outlook are only as good as the effort we put into it. It is probably time to stop trying to convince the oppressors and bullies into believing a peaceful, truthful, inclusive paradigm. If you disengage from a fight and pursue your own society, all that time and effort is in the creation of a new life moving forward and no longer in battle mode that moves nowhere. Certainly, we can create a society next to the current one. The victimization has been insidious or disguised as the greater good. Unfortunately, the greater good is serving so few. Now with eyes wide opened, the wise can create the peaceful society that will one day make us proud to hand over to our children. Be prepared to expend energy and work to make it happen, but the rewards will be great and the relationships invaluable.