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Online House Calls for Integrative Medicine

Updated: May 19, 2020

This is not only a trend but a style of practice I am embracing to meet the needs of patients who have personalized medical needs. The nation has had an onslaught of stay-at-home needs during our current COVID pandemic. Integrative and holistic medicine is no exception!!! From the privacy of your own home we can evaluate labs by drop-shipping them to your home. We can discuss treatment plans online. We can investigate and prescribe treatments such as : bio-identical hormones, nutrition, gut health and the microbiome, food intolerance, autoimmunity, integrative cancer treatments, brain and mental health and energy strategies to get patient back to a more youthful state. This style keeps the heart of the patient/physician relationship sacred and at the core of the wellness solutions. I will walk you through every step of your illness and healing process. I also am heavily networked with leading edge practitioners that may complement eastern or western philosophies necessary to keep you on your path. Patients and clients will be way ahead of the curve as far as scientifically driven and futuristic medicine, which incorporates ancient and cutting-edge wisdom.

I am trained as an MD and bridge both worlds by incorporating my fellowship training in regenerative medicine and integrative cancer therapies obtained through the A4M.