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Medical Marijuana Cards

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

There are several qualifying conditions for patients to receive their "red card" from Colorado. While cannabis is legal for recreational purposes there is a significant discount applied to the medical marijuana patients. This is one big incentive for many to obtain their yearly cards. The process is quite simple. The patient gathers information from their treating physicians or psychiatrists and present it to the physician examiner. Since our pandemic, several states are allowing virtual visits to get this done expeditiously. I am also licensed in the state of Delaware who is temporarily allowing the virtual visits, and in this state a relationship must be established. I provide ongoing services in a personalized integrative style for those patients. Delaware does NOT legalize recreational cannabis yet--only medically-based cannabis for now. So if you suffer from cancer, anxiety conditions, certain neurological disorders, HIV, wasting, and several other conditions, you may want to consult to see if you are a candidate for a "red card." Opiates have made such a detrimental impact on society and individual patients, that the cannabis plant, which has been around for millions of years, may be a viable option to treat or manage your conditions.