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Is 5-G Harming Us?

Electro and magnetic frequencies are recent energies that have been introduced into our environment. We have added the conveniences of electricity, cellphones, microwaves, computers, and Wi-Fi systems into our lives, and our bodies are being exposed to invisible waveforms of various sizes and intensities almost continuously. At no other point in the history of our planet has such electromagnetic (EMF) pollution existed. Is this of concern, or is this harmless technology?

Let us dive into our electrical life force. We are not just organs and chemistry. We are electrical and energetic beings. On a gross level we can measure this through some standard medical diagnostic equipment. Nearly all of us recognize that an EKG, EMG, or EEG can pick up on the wave pattern of electricity that is resonating in the brain or heart or muscle. Keep in mind, however, that we have even more subtle fields through our meridians, chakras, and biofields. Scientists are also picking up on the biophoton emissions of light found as an energetic release from our DNA molecules. The absence of these electrical (or “chi”) fields in our body is the definition of death. Knowing that the energetic field is what is powering our chemistry to operate smoothly we must consider what energy we need for survival and what energy may threaten our survival.

Our sun has been supplying us of EMFs and we can appreciate it in the form of visible light. Plants and humans need this sun for some obvious chemical reactions and charging our cells. The earth vibrates at a certain frequency (Schumann resonance) and this is in synchronicity with some of our brain waves. However, we have much more exposure to waveforms that were not initially found naturally on the earth and surround us nearly daily and in most parts of the world. These include microwave ovens, computers, house energy meters, wireless (Wi-Fi) routers, cellphones, Bluetooth devices, power lines, and such medical devices using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), x-ray, and gamma rays. While this bombardment of EMF pollution may be considered harmless by some, we have noticed that some health conditions are on the climb since its introduction to our environment. This effects our genetics and therefore, is part of our epigenetic influence. There are even more ionizing and well-understood waveforms that can be catastrophically damaging to us including gamma and x-ray radiation.

The World Health Organization has been investigating statistics and epidemiology to hypothesize that all this stray EMF energy is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” What else do we know so far? Autoimmunity and new viruses and bacteria are on the rise. To quote the eloquent work of Dr Klinghardt, MD: “These [retroviruses] are viruses that are embedded in our DNA. We come in with them. But they’re silenced. They’re silenced largely through two mechanisms. One is called methylation. And the other one is called acetylation. And those mechanisms are destroyed by the exposure to Wi-Fi or the cumulative exposure to the electromagnetic fields. And so, what happens is that these viruses are now replicating in us.” Our bodies do not really recognize nor resonate with all these excessive energies and view the EMF fields as a foreigner (like a chemical pathogen), which is setting us off into a continued immune battle. The continued immune battle fatigues the system after awhile, but also may contribute to autoimmunity in which the body attacks itself.

An organization called the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) maintains international guidelines for EMF exposure. These guidelines are based on the findings of many years of scientific research and for each electronic gadget there is an allowable limit of EMF thought to be safe unless surpassed. Each gadget has this information in its safety data information.

So back to 5G technology. It utilizes shorter wavelengths than the existing 4G (and older technology). The technology was originally designed to operate driverless cars, but now ramping up for real-time imaging and face recognition as well a speedier transmission for communications. These shorter wavelengths can move much faster but need a lot of towers in a concentrated area to transmit the signals from tower to tower (or ports and antennas). These transmitters may need to be placed every few hundred feet in the densely populated areas in cities. This 5G may be able to use some existing transmission towers from the older technology. Theoretically 5G penetrates the skin much less so than the longer wavelengths. However, 5G is additive. It is being added on top of the existing technologies which is adding to further bombardment of the EMF on the already saturated grid of ongoing older technological frequencies.

Radiation sickness from this electrosmog has been linked to: migraine headaches, irritability, behavior and mood disorders, fatigue, insomnia, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson's, stroke, seizures, autism or Asperger’s, Tourette’s Syndrome, muscular dystrophy, nerve and/or muscle pain fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (ME), ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, leukemia, AIDS, tumors, cancer, heart attacks, and cardiac arrhythmias. We even have a whole world of lowly evolved gut microbiome also trying to survive in this new environment. Austria and many other European countries know of these damaging effects and has much stricter electrosmog guidelines in place than we do in the states. They have even developed medical protocols to deal with this and in the process of doing so have discovered that much lower levels of the EMF pollution intensity are sufficient to cause bodily harm. The harm comes in the form of oxidative stress and lowering some of our antioxidants. This in turn breaks down our immune and cellular capabilities. In addition, our brains are particularly susceptible to the effects of chronic and high dose EMF pollution such that these energies disrupt our blood-brain barrier and make the brain more permeable. The increased permeability allows more viruses, heavy metals, and toxic debris in. Children may even absorb twice as much EMF than adults. In the process of this continuous absorption of EMFs there is significant disruption of our neurotransmitters to send signal throughout the brain. The result is mood and cognitive decline. Our sleep can be markedly disrupted, and that nightly brain repair mechanism functions on a severely reduced level.

Do not forget our very vulnerable thyroid gland that also falls victim to the exposures of our electrosmog. Underactive levels and thyroid cancers are certainly on the rise, and I deal with poor thyroid function in patients daily now.

Infertility, especially in men, has been attributed to the EMF exposure and reproducible results in rat studies have shown the atrophic effects on the male testes after EMF exposure.

So where do we go with all this information? Is there merit to 5G technology as a large contributor to disease, inflammation, or infection? Is this just a conspiracy theory? I would like to imagine a time, not that long ago when technology, even electricity did not exist on the planet. There were plenty of places that were not habitable because we could not control climate (heat and air-conditioning) in those areas. Water, farming, medical care was very crude and limited. Life expectancy at the turn of the century was 48 years old and we certainly have climbed much higher to age 78. However, are we collecting chronic diseases as we add lifespan and conveniences in our highly evolving society? Our industrial chemicals are bombarding with an equal magnitude as the electrosmog as evidenced with 200+ chemicals being analyzed in our babies’ placentas. Our chemistry is intertwined with our energy at the gut, hormonal, and cellular level. Neither system can work without the other. So many of our medical treatments to date focus on the chemistry (as evidenced by food, supplements, medications, injections). I propose that the emerging technologies that harness the energies to treat our energy fields should be equally as important. Keeping our internal electric systems “tuned up” and resonating with our biofield, meridians, and chakric fields is what will help repel the effects of the stray and chaotic energies emitting from our world’s electrosmog. Between laser, red light, light saunas, UVB, pulsed EMF, frequency machines, trans magnetic stimulation, biofield tuning, sound therapies, and so much more, we have got a whole arsenal of therapies for the tuning to happen.

I would like to think that the potential threats to our system have been unintentional byproducts of a rapidly evolving industrialized world. I dearly hope that these chemicals and technologies were never for intentional abuses. As is always the case there are diseases and consequences of “excess.” We have so many lower technologies that already have affected our EMF grid in the world of the confusion and interference of these EMF wave patterns disrupting the normal magnetic signals of the earth’s vibration. Keeping in mind that prevention is so much easier to manage than treatment, let us consider exercising the following precautions (thanks to multiple public sources):

§ Keep your 5G router as far away as possible from the room where you spend most of your time.

§ Turn off your 5G router while you are sleeping.

§ Keep your distance from towers and power lines

§ Home protection kits

§ EMF Shields (and there are many)

§ Use Wi-Fi Calling instead of data

§ Keep technology to a minimum

§ xZubi disc added to the back of your cellphone to block emissions

§ Keep cellphone at least a few inches away from yourself and not in your pocket.

§ Use Speaker phone and keep cellphones and Bluetooth away from head

§ Air tube headsets

§ Grounding or earthing (walk barefoot and pick up natural earth vibration)

§ Keep diet high in oxidants to protect from free radicals

§ Laptops should not be on laps!

§ Keep your bed and furniture away from outlets

The creativity in protecting from the EMF is evolving as fast as the technology itself. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect others. Protect the planet. Share your ideas.