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COVID-19, an "Infodemic"

You might ask if I have and will prescribe Ivermectin. The answer is yes. Why? There is so much undisputable evidence that there is great benefit in prevention, acute management, and long-haul treatment for COVID-19 by using Ivermectin. This is just one tactic or tool I might employ. If we only look at the NIH, we would continue to have COVID patients "watch symptoms" until they become bad enough to present to the hospital, and then be offered Remdezivir. This is an anti-viral that has not shown much benefit in the ICU, because it works as an anti-viral to slow down or stop manufacturing of the virus. By the time the patient is sick enough to be in the hospital, a cytokine storm, latent inflammatory phase, mast cells and monocytes creating havoc, edema, and micro emboli has long passed the viral shedding phase. It is too late. We are also realizing that the monoclonal antibodies used for the outpatient treatment with moderate progression are conceivably losing their efficacy as new strains are emerging .The CDC and the WHO track cases and only comment on the vaccination drive. I listen to the reputable physicians through the A4M and FLCCC Alliance. To borrow the term of the "infodemic" that we are in right now there is a deluge of information and misinformation to sift through, and like all dedicated physicians, I am looking for more arrows in the quiver to fight COVID.

The current climate of vaccine discrimination has unfortunately polarized the US into two groups only, "vaccinated" versus "unvaccinated." Each group seems to be have been propagating a war against the other, and so sadly the fight is endorsed by common media platforms and large institutions advising local government to bully and mandate vaccination. This battle is closing the door to the discussions about all of the other tactics, science, trials, and treatment protocols that could help the healthy and the vulnerable patients. There is information being learned in lightning speed to unearth so many more tactics to help in the COVID-19 battle. Vaccination is just one tool. We are finding it is not perfect. It only lessens severity of the illness, as the FDA emergency indication states. It doesn't currently target other variants. Not every one can get it. The vaccines are not completely harmless. The vaccines are still in the midst of human trials. If we don't step outside of the vaccination war, we will miss other important information from physicians, scientific organizations, and frontline groups, in the trenches, taking meticulous notes.

So what are we learning that the public needs to know? The science can get very granular and confusing, but we now know that the spike protein is cytotoxic. It harms cells. This spike protein can break down cells whether it comes from the illness itself, or the manufactured spikes from immunization. Stick with this, it can get tricky. The illness and the vaccine spike will stimulate the adaptive, B-cell immunity. This is a Th2 skewing of our immune system such that the immune system will be far less capable of a Th1 battle (the innate T-cell system) which is what is needed for a novel viral attack. The long-hauling is showing lots of evidences for various COVID and immune system proteins creating an autoimmune phenomenon. As with many autoimmune conditions these self-targets are what propagated the attack on itself. Some common ones are rheumatoid factor (RF), TPO (a thyroid antibody), anti-ss, anti-sm, HLA-B27 and many more. With this spike protein having some late-phase involvement with it hanging out on the non-classical monocytes, it may promote some autoimmunity and create long-haul symptoms. And in turn, different autoimmune patients have their specific self-antigens which may render their battle differently to COVID-19. In other words, the COVID battle may need to be much more individualized in the future. And what are the ramifications of the vaccination strategy? Not all vaccinations are the same. Vaccinations have the potential to create an autoimmune picture by priming the system (with the spike proteins) to create the Th2 skew and render the immune system less able to fight with the Th1 system. This is a lot to grasp, and even so, is still simplistically stated. What we also know is that Astra-Zeneca has 31 proteins from the adenovirus which can promote 71 human self-antigens. Pfizer has 24, and Moderna has 80. What this is saying, simplistically, is that the vaccines can stimulate an autoimmune phenomenon as much or more than having the illness itself. Where the science is going on this is to be able to measure already existing antigens in our system with the potential treatments to create an individualized approach. This sounds impossible, doesn't it? This is not much different than targeted antibody therapies for autoimmune diseases. Monoclonal antibodies were mentioned above and were working nicely, but between access, and new variants, they are falling aside. Conceptually, though, this is one direction that can help us individualize and be very specific to the COVID target. But, this is where we need to stop our fighting, so we can use our collective knowledge to bring exciting science to the forefront. The immune system is complicated and quite different for different folks.

As the scientists continues to unpack the data from this past year and a half and dive into the lab, we also have to pay attention to those clinical physicians in the field, running new treatment protocols, running trials, and analyzing outpatient and hospital outcomes. We cannot ignore what we are finding out. The main goal is to keep patients out of the hospital. Early prevention and intervention will lead to better outcomes. We also know that we have to pay attention to obese patients since they produce more TNF-alpha and IL-6 cytokines, hence more chance for a cytokine storm and poorer outcomes. Chronic conditions needs to be controlled to improve the COVID battle. HIV patients on anti-retrovirals are having minimal symptoms. Herd immunity was largely achieved prior to the vaccination. Hydroxychloroquine used in the outpatient setting has three mechanisms of action and has 259 trials siting the efficacy. Ivermectin prevents the entry of the virus in the cytoplasm to get into the nucleus. Mortality is far less in those who use Ivermectin. Favipiravir is not yet available to us in the US but seems to be a great add-on treatment as an oral anti-viral. The use of steroids reduces mortality by 30% in critically ill patients. Steroids can certainly be used in the outpatient as well whether it be oral or nebulized in Pulmicort. Colchicine (a repurposed gout medication) can be used to work with the white blood cells and also is used for pericarditis and pleural issues in combination with other medications for 30 days. With thrombocytosis being one of the biggest causes of death, anti-coagulants (blood thinners) should be used earlier rather than later in the disease (even aspirin has tremendous benefit) and up to 30 days. We've found PCR testing in well patients showed 90% false positives. Antibody testing that is positive proves immunity. We now have testing called t-detect test that measure t-cell activity which may pick up immune response even if you had a small level of illness where traditional antibody testing won't pick up the antibodies. Asymptomatic patients will not cause spread.

In the holistic arena there is also ongoing evidences for preventive and early intervention strategies. Nutritional therapies with vitamin C (oral and IV), D, zinc, melatonin and vitamin A. Nebulized peroxide with or without iodine helps supports the pulmonary system. Ozonating air or ozone therapy (IM, rectal) offers support to keep the host well to keep a balanced immune system. Vitamin D in one study cut down the amount of hospitalizations and ICU deaths. 100,000 patients have been studied in South Korea and published in the British Medical Journal and concluded that patient who exercise 150 minutes of moderate activity per week have markedly reduced chance of even contracting COVID-19. All credible evidence and information needs to be shared, because in doing so, we can see the hope of figuring out this virus and how our bodies can fight it and wage the battle of future variant infections. If I've shown nothing else, I've shown many benefits to strategies without vaccination that are feverishly being tried and studied. Don't let the vaccination war distract us from the valid science that is surrounding us. We need to understand it and give it a fair shake. Vaccines for many are not an option. Help those around you to be educated, well, and well-informed.