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Can Hot Yoga Cause Heat Stroke?

If the temperature is too hot and for too long the answer just may be "maybe!" Most studios have trained teachers and know the limits of the body, but heat stroke is not just for the marathon runner in 100 degree weather. It can happen to any of us. If the body stay at 104-106 degrees for a long length of time it can suffer a complete collapse of the biological functions and even succumb to death. Summer time is when we need to pay close attention to this issue!

Our body perspires to allow evaporation to cool us under heated condition. This uses a lot of extra water to do so. Dehydration is one of the classic complications of heat exhaustion, so keep that water bottle handy. Dressing lightly with loose clothing allows our body heat to escape. Be mindful of too many layers, latex-like clothes, and being hydrated before the activity begins.

Watch for signs of light headedness, headache, weakness, confusion, muscle cramping, visual disturbances, rapid heart rate or breathing, nausea, change in sweating.

Be mindful of medications, diuretics, and drinks that make you more susceptible such as alcohol or caffeine. These will make it harder to regulate fluids and the body temperature.

The bottom line is to be prepared!!!