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About Integrated Health Solutions

Integrated Health Care and Prevention - We bridge standard medical care and holistic programs.

Integrated Health Solutions is a Colorado Springs healthcare center that integrates traditional and complementary medicine.  Our healthcare solutions are designed to help clients create “conscious health” through body system balancing, lifestyle choices and emotional and spiritual expression.

The clinic offers blood lab analysis, health assessments, nutritional evaluation, supplementation, intravenous therapies, health education, and stress management for conditions such as cancer support, acute and chronic disease, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, cholesterol concerns, and blood glucose imbalance, to name a few.

Natalie Kunsman, M.D., M.S.

As a Medical Advisor of Integrated Health Solutions, I oversee patients with many integrative and functional medicine needs.  IHS specializes in Integrative cancer care, autoimmunity, optimal wellness, chronic disease states, nutritional and medical support. IHS is owned and operated by Sylvia Philpy, NP 18 years using functional medicine lab analysis, thermography imaging, sleep studies, oxygen therapies, supplementation, medication evaluation with targeted treatment, dietary solutions, home therapies, individualized healthcare program development and management, and collaborative care with your existing medical team, as well as other providers the patient has chosen to be a part of their healthcare team.