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Are you:
  • Dealing with a chronic health challenge or faced with a recent diagnosis,

  • Searching for state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs,

  • Looking for practical stress-management and personal-empowerment strategies, or

  • Striving to boost your resilience, vitality, longevity, or sports performance?

Have you considered Medical Tourism, but didn’t feel comfortable going abroad?

Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region offer healthy options including a strong network of holistic health practitioners in a very wide range of holistic disciplines and modalities to provide health solutions for any seeking these alternatives.

Colorado Springs - Health Destination Referral Program

Natalie Kunsman, MD:  "Healthtourismcs.com" is a medical tourism and health destination site. I will serve as the medical conduit and consultant to direct your care with the multi-faceted team of local providers within every niche of the healing wheel. 


You can come and stay for extended periods of time and engage in personalized treatments outside those normally found within traditional health systems. I have strong affiliations with practitioners in nearly every facet of functional care. Also, I can recommend traditional medical care within an academic health system in Colorado if we need to merge the disciplines during your stay.