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Optimal Health Begins Now

Vital Living With

Natalie Kunsman, MD, MS,

Integrated Health Advisor

Meet Dr. Natalie

Integrated Health Advisor, M.D., M.S.

I believe in integrating all facets of wellness to contribute to a personalized, individualized path to optimize your health. I have dual certification and fellowship training in regenerative and functional medicine (in addition to family medicine) that aids the body in healing itself if given all the right components. I merge the disciplines of eastern and western medicine with aggressive diagnostics with the nutritional, pharmacy, herbal, lifestyle, mind/body, energy and movement therapies for all age brackets to create wellness for you.





A Vital Approach To Your Health

Doctor Visits With Dr. Natalie

The Journey Towards Your Best Health Begins with Learning to Love YOU. Begin Your Journey Today.

". . . Dr. Kunsman is top tier. As my primary care physician, she has thoroughly addressed my medical concerns, provided excellent advice and has helped me choose healthy options. She treats you not just as a patient but as an individual with unique issues."

~ Russell Howell

"I love Dr Natalie Kunsman!!! She is the best doctor I have had in years. She is knowledgeable, patient and very caring. I recommend her to everyone!"

~ A Health Patient

As a Non-traditional Chiropractor interested in minimally invasive, science based, and natural health solutions for my community – There isn’t a Medical Doctor in which I trust more than Dr. Natalie Kunsman. Our office has sent numerous patients to Dr. Natalie, and overwhelmingly, patients come back with RAVING reviews. As our healthcare system continues to develop towards an integrative approach, Dr. Kunsman exudes a well-rounded, open minded and above all, caring touch for her patients.

Dr. Max Pohl
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